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Detail of view number 4 from Aston Hall in Birmingham

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Started a new project at the end of last year. 100 Views of Birmingham, inspired by Hiroshige’s 100 Views of Edo. Take a look at the site


Wood cut in three blocks. Exploring the idea of using a number of key blocks in different tones rather than a single key block at the end.

This is a large print – approximately 60cm x 80cm plate size.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will be holding an exhibition of Birmingham Printmakers work. The exhibition runs from Saturday 19th October into the New Year. I have two pieces in the exhibition: Moths and Bell Jar and Cirque du l’Escargot.

I will also be giving a talk at the gallery on Monday 18th November 12 – 1pm

Really wanted some large new work for this show in October. Moths and Belljar will start it off but my current series entitled ‘Rude Sports Mixtures’ is very small and I am struggling to finish.

I am considering these two monoprints. They were made about a year ago and became the raw material for a large number of digital prints.

I could then add one of the digital prints as well to see the progression.



This is my current piece just completed. I am exploring a few different colour variations but the one depicted is an edition of 40.

I have used mostly wood engraving print techniques, but also some more spontaneous processes such as mono and stencil.

The bell jar is an old Victorian one found in a Biology lab. It alludes towards a scientific neutrality, but of course is loaded with connotations and it’s own specific character.

The moths have a slight malevolent feel. Although frozen you can still imagine their papery wings hitting the bell jar.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. Cirque du l’Escargot series. Opening page and two concepts.